10 Best Blender Under 100 (A Complete Buying Guide)

When I tell people that I write about blenders for a living, I often get the same response. “Oh, I would love a blender but they’re so expensive.” That’s why I decided to write this guide to the best blenders below $100.

It’s true that we all get what we pay for in life. If you’re shopping for blenders at a lower price point, they won’t be quite as elaborate as other models.

Having said that, all the appliances I review in this guide meet my expectations and standards when it comes to performance. Some blenders priced three or four times higher cannot say that!

Pick of the Best Blenders Under $100

  • NutriBullet NBR-1201
  • Oster 4093-008 Blender
  • Ninja 1000 Blender

Reviews of The Best Blender Under 100 Dollars

Credit card at the ready? Let’s take a look at ten of the best budget blenders. Each of these appliances retail for below $100 and are widely available from any reputable stockist.

NutriBullet NBR-1201 BPA Free Blender

The classic NutriBullet is arguably the most famous blender of them all, remaining a fixture of many homes. I’ll include my own kitchen in that. I have a collection of blenders, but often find myself returning to this Old Faithful. What can I say, other than it just works?

Available in black or gray (both colors retail for well below $100), the NutriBullet is my overall pick for a budget-conscious blender. This mainly because it’s so user-friendly and simple. Ingredients go in, you hit the button, and a minute or two later you have what you need.

The warranty is a single year, but you’re unlikely to need it. This is a sturdy, steady appliance. Spare parts are also easily sourced at a reasonable cost.

It cannot handle ice or hot drinks, but that’s not what you’d buy a NutriBullet for. This is a smoothie blender at its heart, though it also doubles up as a perfectly serviceable juicer thanks to retained nutrition and high yields.

Some models are faster, some offer more features, and some are cheaper. None of them have managed to permanently dislodge the NutriBullet from my heart or kitchen counter, though.

Good for:

  • Basic, everyday blending.
  • Chopping even the toughest of vegetables.
  • Retaining nutrition from ingredients.
  • BPA free plastic lover

Oster Pro 4093-008 6-Cup Glass Jar Blender

Referred to as a beehive blender due to the jug’s unique shape, this appliance comes in two sizes. You can pick up a jug that holds 40 or 48 oz. The latter is obviously more expensive, but you’ll be able to find either below $100.

Another exceptional point of this blender is that it is constructed completely from metal. This means that it’s more durable than some plastic-heavy alternatives, and cleaning of the exterior simply involves a damp cloth. It’s also small but mighty in terms of stature and performance.

This blender only has two speeds. I refer to them as extremely fast and warp speed, as this among the most powerful blenders I have used. That power also translates into noise, alas. You won’t want to use this appliance too early or late, for fear of waking up the entire neighborhood.

There are other blenders that offer more, but few at this price point that are quite as powerful as the 4093-008. The metal drive offers a 10-year warranty, while the rest of the blender is covered for a default twelve months. As an all-rounder, this model certainly gets the job done – and quickly.

Good for:

  • Unique all-metal appearance.
  • Crushing ice (Stainless steel blades).
  • Long motor warranty.

Ninja 1000 Watts Countertop Blender

This model from Ninja is a great way to bring a professional flourish to your blending, without spending the kind of money so often associated with this. It’s an impressive countertop blender at a price point that will not make you weep.

With a 72 oz. jug included in this model, it’s a great choice for busy families. If you’re keen to whip up a range of smoothies to get everybody’s day off to a good start, I would highly recommend the Ninja 1000.

It’s very basically designed and user-friendly, so even a blending novice will quickly develop the knack. The six stainless steel blades will also make quick work of ice, so it can be handy when catering parties. Just be mindful of the razor-sharp blades when cleaning. Thankfully, the jug is dishwasher safe.

The warranty on this model is just a year, but you’ll be hard pushed to find a professional-standard blender that offers much longer than this. Perhaps more importantly, you won’t find many blenders of commercial quality at this price point. You certainly won’t find one that perform better.

Good for:

  • Affordable countertop blending.
  • Rapid crushing and pulsing.
  • Large batches of juice or multiple smoothies.
  • Easy to clean

Breville BSB510XL

A Breville blender below $100? Surely your eyes deceive you! It’s true – this reputable manufacturer has produced a blender that will provide change from a hundred. Before you grow too excited though, be aware that it’s a hand blender. This kind of appliance is not for everybody.

If you’re happy with hand blending, the BSB510XL is the finest example of such an appliance. The model comes with an ergonomic grip and trigger function, so it’s easy to grasp and keep hold of. This makes up for the slightly heavier weight in the hand. Even if you have arthritis or a similar issue, you won’t struggle to operate this appliance.

You’ll be able to reach eight inches deep, and the blender is packaged with a jug and bowl to host your ingredients. The motor works at 280 watts, so it will able to make short work of tough ingredients and ice. The whisk attachment also adds an extra layer of functionality.

Robust and sturdy, this hand blender should last much longer than the one-year warranty included in the purchase price. There are cheaper hand blenders on the market (more on those in a moment). In my eyes, this is the very best though.

Good for:

  • Chopping, mixing and grinding.
  • Saving space on countertops.
  • Sturdy and reliable performance.

KOIOS 4-in-1 Hand Immersion Blender

The BSB510XL may be the best hand blender on the market, but this 4-in-1 alternative from KOIOS is certainly the most versatile. As the name suggests, this appliance can perform four separate tasks. This flexibility alone will make it worth the reasonable asking price for many.

There are other things to love about this hand blender, though. For a start, it comes with twelve speeds. This can be invaluable, helping you tailor your blending approach. It will also cease any splash back when mixing in a bowl.

It has an ergonomic design (though you will need to push two buttons simultaneously to release any attachments), making it easier to hold. The two-year warranty is also a pleasant bonus. Just be aware that crushing ice is not among the four functions this hand blender can perform.

Good for:

  • Flexibility in use.
  • Choice of speeds.
  • Quiet operation, even at high speed.

KitchenAid KHB1231WH 2-Speed Hand Blender

The final hand blender that I’m going to review is considerably more basic. There are no bells and whistles on this blender – just a handle and blades, alongside a cup. You can choose from 18 different colors though, if that’s appealing to you.

I’m recommending this two-speed hand blender as it performs fantastically well with soft fruits. I experienced no clogging throughout my use, and it worked regularly without a break. This blender created the tastiest smoothies of any hand blender I used. There’s a big caveat that comes with picking up this blender, though.

Don’t try to blend or crush anything too large with this appliance, including solid ice cubes or frozen fruits. Like Icarus, I flew too close to the sun – and the blender died on me. Upon investigation, one of the blades had snapped. This would obviously have been hugely dangerous has I not noticed.

I recommend this model for anybody keen on soft, delicious smoothies – but look elsewhere if you want to use harder ingredients.

Good for:

  • Wide range of colors for the ideal aesthetic.
  • No-nonsense hand blending of soft ingredients.
  • Leafy green smoothies.

Instant Ace Nova Blender

The Instant Pot is a hugely popular pressure cooker for slow-cooking enthusiasts. The manufacturers have now entered the blending game with the Instant Ace Nova Blender, and I have to say, it’s a notable debut. You get plenty for your money with this appliance.

This blender looks considerably more expensive than it actually is. It comes with an LCD display, and a range of pre-programmed settings. These include smoothies, ice crushing, a range of milks and even soup. That’s right, this blender can handle hot foods too.

The Instant Ace Nova has an impressive ten blending speeds to choose from, and the pitcher holds over 50 oz. The eight blades inside work at up to 25,000 rotations per minute, which is a heady speed.

If there is a downside to this blender, it’s the warranty of just one year. Many features means that there is more that could possibly go wrong. Overall though, this is a great first blender for anybody that needs a variety of functions.

Good for:

  • Variety of uses, including hot and cold recipes.
  • Reheating liquid meals.
  • Industrial-strength blending on a budget.

Magic Bullet Blender

The Magic Bullet is yet another competitor to the Nutribullet, but in this case there is a good reason. It’s made by the same manufacturer. Think of this appliance as the prototype for the Nutri bullet.

The latter blender took the aesthetic and performance of the Magic Bullet and, in my eyes, perfected it. This appliance is slightly cheaper though, and it’s a fine alternative to the model that I consider the best.

The main differences are in performance. The Magic Bullet boasts a power of just 200 watts. This means that ingredients will be a little lumpier, unless regularly re-blended and pulsed. On the plus side, however, this model comes with an additional to-go cup and is a little smaller and lighter. This makes it ideal for small kitchens.

If you’re looking for a blender that could double as a juicer, the Magic Bullet is well worth a look. Obviously you’ll get more nutrition from a specialist appliance. This model works well with soft fruits, though. It can also cope with leafy greens, provided they are not too stringy.

This model cannot cope with ice, or anything too hard. For the most basic blending needs, however, it does the job perfectly well. Warranty is just a year, but the price reflects this.

Good for:

  • Small kitchens.
  • Blending soft ingredients.
  • Basic, no-frills blending.

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender 

If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful blender for occasional use, this is the most wallet-friendly option on my list. On paper, there are a lot of reasons why I would be wary about recommending this model. Somehow, though, Hamilton Beach have made a perfectly good blender at such an appealing price point.

First thing’s first – this blender only operates at a speed of 700 watts. Ordinarily, I would not recommend any blender below 1,000 watts if you’re hoping to crush ice. This appliance manages to do the job, though. Naturally it’s a little slower than some competitors, but that’s to be expected.

The blender comes with a 40 oz. jug and is backed by a three-year warranty. That’s impressive, considering the initial outlay is so low. Performance could be better, but as I’ve said before, you get what you pay for. Adding a little water to your ingredients will create a smoother blending experience.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this blender to anybody looking for a high-end gadget. If you are new to blending and want to test the lifestyle without breaking the bank, however, give this model a shot.

Good for:

  • Cheapest blender on the list.
  • Long warranty for a low outlay.
  • Blending most ingredients if mixed with water.

PopBabies Blender

I’ll wrap up my list with something completely different. This is a portable blender, meaning that it’s practically pocked-sized. Naturally, this makes this blender wholly unsuitable for families and constant use.

It’s great for regular travelers though, or anybody looking for a refreshing blast of juice or a smoothie at their work desk. It’s chargeable by USB port, so no plugs are required. You fill around two-thirds of the built-in 14oz to-gp cup before hitting blend. You’re then ready to get sipping.

The PopBabies portable blender is small but powerful. It will manage to get through nuts as well as fruits and vegetables, so it could be ideal for an emergency portion of almond milk. You can’t use it for hot drinks, but there is plenty to make it worthwhile.

As a rule, I recommend portable blenders as a complementary appliance, not a primary blender. The restrictions placed upon a device of this size make it less than ideal as a sole option. The price point makes it a great holiday stocking filler or desk drawer accessory though.

Good for:

  • Blending on the go.
  • People that travel regularly.
  • Emergency requirements.

Wrap Up:

That’s a wide array of different blenders to choose from. Look back over my reviews and decide which you think will suit you best. I’ll reiterate that I consider the NutriBullet NBR-1201 to be the perfect solution to low-cost blending needs. Any of these appliances are fine, though. The decision, as always, is yours!