Best Juicer Blenders Combo (All in One Solution for Juicing Fruits and Veg Smoothies)

Blenders and juicers are different appliances. Each provides a unique service. Some kitchens only have space for one gadget though. That’s why I wrote this guide to the best blender for juicing.

Even the best juicer blender combo will not be quite as effective as standalone devices. Comparing blenders and juicers is like equating food processors with mixers.

A blender is the food processor in this analogy. Blenders can be used as juicers, certainly more than juicers can be used as blenders. This guide will discuss seven blenders that can also make juice.

Best Juicer Blenders Reviews

Here are what I consider to be the 7 top blenders for juicing vegetables and fruits. The results may not be quite as impressive as a specialist juicer. They’ll still be delicious, nutritious and appealing, though.

Top Pick – Vitamix Explorian Blender

When I sat down to ponder the best blenders for juicing, I knew that Vitamix would feature heavily. After deliberation, I settled upon the Explorian as my overall pick. This device strikes the perfect balance between high performance and reasonable pricing for all that it offers.

With ten different speed options, this blender allows you to take control over your juicing. Like all blenders, the Explorian is really engineered with smoothies in mind. It will chop ingredients extremely fine, though. In most cases, there is a negligible difference in performance from a professional juicer.

I have long been putting my own Explorian through its paces with a variety of ingredients, and it has never let me down. I have enjoyed tasty juice from the hardest, softest and leafiest of ingredients. This device has made short work of everything I fed into it without clogging. Cleaning is also easy.

Overall, the Explorian is a rare beast – an affordable but excellent blender that doubles up as a very good juicer. I do not hesitate to recommend this model to anybody seeking to create fresh juice outside of a specialist product. As it comes with a 7-year warranty, there is little reason not to take the plunge.

Good for:

  • Handling any and all ingredients.
  • Fast results with great taste.
  • Reliable performance.

Budget Pick – Ninja Professional Blender

Ninja made their reputation with small but perfectly formed countertop blenders, comparable to the Nutribullet. This model is the commercial-standard equivalent of these mini blenders. It’s larger but sacrifices none of the user-friendless or performance of other Ninja blenders.

Perhaps more importantly, it’s also cost-effective. This is definitely the blender that I recommend to anybody on a budget. While it is a blender, and thus works best with smoothies, it can be an efficient juicer. One of Ninja’s biggest selling points is how their appliances do not sacrifice nutrition, and that’s the case here too.

Obviously there are drawbacks to picking up a budget model. This is by far the noisiest appliance on my list, so maybe avoid if you have very young children. Nobody could nap through the racket this appliance creates. The blades are also extremely sharp and must be washed by hand. Remain safety conscious.

Overall though, picking up the Ninja Professional ensures quick juicing in a device that can also be used as a blender. Ingredients will be finely ground, so you’ll be free of pulp.  The warranty only runs for 12 months, but this is a sturdy appliance. Treat this Ninja Professional well and it will enjoy a long and – pardon the pun – fruitful relationship.

Good for:

  • Low cost.
  • Simple and easy to use functionality.
  • Juicing any ingredient.

Upgrade Pick – Vitamix 5200 Juicer Blender

The Vitamix 5200 is a blender made by professionals, for professionals. This naturally means that there is a price tag attached. The 7-year warranty tempers this, though – as does the performance of this blender.

I always claim that, if you are a regular user of juicers and/or blenders, the Vitamix 5200 is the perfect upgrade. This fantastic device offers more services than I could possibly list. Rest assured, if you can think of something a blender should make, the 5200 does make it.

What you’re here for is the juicing capability, though.I’m pleased to say that this blender is a hugely efficient juicer. You can tailor the end result exactly to your personal tastes, ensuring that smooth, pure liquid juice is just as possible as slightly pulpier, grainer textures. Just add a little water for the best possible results.

Good for:

  • Everything – this is the gold standard of kitchen appliances.
  • Professional or commercial use.
  • Constant juicing.

Costway 5-in-1 Juicer Blender Combo

Unlike most blenders, this five-in-one model from Costway officially markets itself as a juice extractor. In case you’re wondering, the remaining four functions are blender, grinder (meat and vegetable), chopper and food processor.

Don’t panic, though. This appliance does not fall into the trap of being a jack of all trades and master of none. As a juicer, it’s pretty basic and no-frills – it has two speed settings, one for soft ingredients and one for hard.

The results were fine if a tiny bit foamy. That’s to be expected, though. It is unrealistic to expect results that match a specialist juicer. Be aware that you’ll need to cope with your ingredients pretty small, though. These are reasonable compromises to make when the low cost of this appliance is taken into consideration.

If you’re an occasional juicer and also create a range of different home-prepared sauces and meals, this is a great appliance. Some of the others on my list are more suitable if you’re just looking to blend and juice. All the same, the versatility of this model makes it worth a look.

Good for:

  • Occasional and sporadic juicers.
  • General kitchen use.
  • Many features at a low price.

Cleanblend Blender

Cleanblend are not yet a household name in the realm of kitchen appliances. That may change if they continue to make models like this, though. As per the manufacturer’s proud boast, this appliance can replace 9 nine gadgets in one.

Yes, versatility is the name of the game with this blender. It can make smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream, margaritas, butter, salt dressings – and, yes, fresh juice. I found this model impressive when juicing up hard vegetables. Carrots, in particular, came out as smooth as silk with nary a sign of pulp. Soft fruits were a little grittier, but not to the point of being undrinkable.

If all those functions are not enough to tempt you, this device also comes with an impressive five-year warranty. Given that it could replace multiple appliances in one fell swoop, that’s great to know.

Good for:

  • Kitchens with limited space for appliances.
  • Hard vegetable juice.
  • Longer warranty.

Breville BBL620

A list of high-quality kitchen products would not be complete without a Breville appliance. This blender can be used for juicing, but it’s best reserved for those that enjoy a pulpy flavor.

Dubbed the Fresh and Furious by Breville, as you can imagine, this blender prides itself on speed of performance. It has an appealingly unique and space-age aesthetic, and eight blades that work in tandem to make short work of even the toughest ingredients.

There will always be an element of grain with this blender, though. That won’t be a problem for those that enjoy pulpy juice. If you have fussy children that hate ‘bits’ in their drinks, however, maybe look elsewhere.

Other than that issue, there is plenty to enjoy about the BBL620. It’s particularly efficient with leafy greens, which it can work without any hint of clogging. The warranty is just a year though, which may be lower than some like given the not-insignificant price point.

Good for:

  • Fans of pulpy juice.
  • Rapid and efficient chopping of ingredients.
  • Modern-looking kitchens.

Homgeek Blender

This affordable blender from Homgeek is designed for making smoothies. It is a versatile device though, packed with features. Among these is the ability to slice and dice fruits and vegetables at a rate of knots.

Where some blenders struggle to retain nutrition in ingredients, this appliance breaks down the cell walls of your ingredients. This retains freshness and ensures health benefits. The device also works to eight different speed settings, so you can choose the appropriate rate to work at. There are four pre-programmed settings for convenience.

It’s easy to clean, too. Just turn on the pulse function with the pitcher filled with soapy water. Alternatively, load it into the dishwasher or soak by hand. With an appealing price point and twelve-month warranty, this Homgeek model offers a great introduction to juicing and blending.

Good for:

  • Versatility in function.
  • High-speed chopping of ingredients.
  • Novice blenders and juicers.

Juicers Blenders FAQs

Which Vitamix Blender is Best for Juicing?

As I discuss in my reviews, I consider the Vitamix 5200 to be the gold standard model for juicing in a blender. Not everybody can afford such an elaborate appliance, though. If that’s the case, the Vitamix Explorian remains a great option for everyday use.

Is the NutribulletGood for Juicing?

A perennial favorite of the home shopping network, the Nutribullet isn’t a juicer. It’s a powerful blender though, so it can turn your fruits and vegetables into juice in seconds. It’s certainly fast and convenient. I consider the nutritional value slightly below the blenders that I’ve reviewed above, though.

Can a Ninja Blender be Used as a Juicer?

Yes, as per my review, picking up the Ninja Professional is a handy way to create juice in a blender. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a smaller and cheaper Ninja model, though. Those models will work fast and hot, killing some of the nutrition found in your ingredients.

Can you Juice Celery in a Nutribullet?

You can, but it’s not as simple as just popping your celery stalks into the blender and pressing go. You’ll need to strain out the lumps with a very fine sieve afterward. A Nutribullet creates celery smoothies, not celery juice. I enjoy the health benefits of celery as much as anybody, but a gloopy celery smoothie is not tasty!

Wrap Up

I hope this guide has provided valuable insight into the art of juicing with a blender. Again, please let me stress. You’ll be better served with two unique appliances for each need. If that is not an option, however, the models I have reviewed are the best blenders for juicing and smoothies.