6 Best Portable Blender in 2021(Top Picks and Reviews)

A travel blender is a great addition to any work desk for health-conscious individuals. Some travel blenders perform at a higher standard than others, though. That’s why I decided to review the best portable blenders in the market today.

There are many advantages of using one of these gadgets. With a little prep in advance, you can create delicious smoothies in the move. Travel blenders are USB-chargeable too, so you won’t need a traditional power point.

Pick of the Best Portable Blender of 2020

  • Editor’s Pick – PopBabies Portable Blender
  • OBERLY Portable Blender
  • G-TING Portable Blender
  • LOZAYI Portable Blender
  • Ayyie Rechargeable Portable Blender
  • TTLIFE Glass Smoothie Blender

About Travel Blenders

There are a few universal truths about portable blenders that are worth noting before we begin. This way, you’ll know if one of these blenders is for you.

  • Travel blenders cannot be used for hot drinks or soups. Never apply liquid above 50 degrees. This creates the risk of cracking the container.
  • Travel blenders are versatile but small. You’ll need to chop your ingredients in advance. Usually, the ingredients must be smaller than 2cm.
  • Travel blenders typically offer drinks for two servings at most. Do not rely on a travel blender to keep you hydrated on a day-long hike.
  • Travel blenders only offer basic blending. Do not expect pulsing features or multiple speeds.
  • Travel blenders are charged through USB. This means they can be used throughout the world without plug adaptors. They can also be charged via a computer or car.
  • Travel blenders take 3-4 hours to fully charge and cannot be used while charging.
  • Travel blenders invariably have a warranty of one year.

Despite these restrictions, portable blenders are great gadgets with a litany of uses. I recommend them highly to dieters and fresh food enthusiasts!

Portable Blender Reviews

As promised, let’s take a look at six of the finest travel-sized smoothie blenders.

PopBabies Portable Blender

The first thing you’ll notice about this blender from PopBabies is the aesthetics. This blender comes in four different colors, though the appealing design is otherwise identical. There is no denying that this is an eye-catching appliance.

Naturally, though, you’ll be more concerned about performance than appearance. Happily, I consider this device to the best USB travel blender on the market. The blades are tough, able to crush ice and most ingredients, and the built-in cup is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

You can create delicious smoothies at your desk at work. Just insert your ingredients (albeit having chopped them in advance) and push the button. On a hot summer’s day with a long commute ahead of you, that can be a life-changer.

Alternatively, the PopBabies portable blender is perfect for whipping up a quick dressing for your lunchtime salad. That’s great for anybody counting calories, keen to avoid store-bought dressings or sauces. This blender offers space for 14oz of liquid once blended, so that’s enough to see you through an afternoon at work.

OBERLY Portable Blender

This OBERLY portable blender turns ingredients to liquid in just ninety seconds. Once you’ve loaded it up, you’ll be sipping away in less than half a minute. That’s a powerful engine crammed into a very small appliance!

You’ll also be able to squeeze quite a lot of life out of that motor. This does mean that this blender can only be used around a dozen times before requiring rejuvenation. That’s still enough power to ensure you won’t need to constantly stop to recharge. Just remember to plug it in every other day.

The appearance of this blender is basic but garish, and that may deter some users. It comes in hot pink or purple, so if you’re keen on a more subtle device it may be best to look elsewhere. If you can get past the toy-like appearance, however, this is a handy gadget to have.

G-TING Portable Blender

As any hip-hop enthusiast knows, there ain’t nothing like a G-TING. Try to avoid using this travel blender for Gin and Juice, though. Like most similar gadgets, it’s only really designed for smoothie making and iced fruit juices.

This appliance has a digital screen, ensuring that it offers more information than some competitors. It’s also designed with safety features in mind, so it’s a great gift for kids and teenagers. The fact that it’s also fun to use means that youngsters will love engaging with healthy diet choices.

This is a user-friendly gadget that mimics the use of a countertop blender admirably. It’s a little slower to charge that some travel blenders, but as a counterpoint you’ll get over twenty uses from every top-up. It’s solid, sturdy and reliable, with the stainless steel components staving off the risk of rust. This makes this travel blender great for long-distance journeys, especially by airplane.

LOZAYI Portable Blender

A travel blender is no substitute for a countertop appliance. This LOZAYI model is arguably the closest comparison, though. It’s almost twice as heavy as most alternatives (though still only 2.4 lbs) and it even looks like a larger model. Thankfully, the performance matches up to these dimensions.

With six blades working at 22,000 rotations per minute, this is a versatile little gadget. In addition to the standard smoothies, you can use this portable blender for baby food, face masks and milkshakes. With 24 uses per charge, that versatility is matched by long-life performance.

This is also a self-cleaning travel blender. Just fill the cup with warm, soapy water and start the motor. This prevents any need to dry nooks and crannies with a hand towel. Overall, there is a lot of love about this gadget if you don’t mind something a little bulkier.

Ayyie Rechargeable Portable Blender

Sometimes, keeping things simple is an effective strategy. Ayyie clearly subscribes to this philosophy, as this USB travel blender is the very definition of no-frills, high-performance. It looks basic and performs exactly as you’d expect.

You’ll get roughly ten drinks from every charge with this gadget, and your smoothie will be ready within roughly a minute. The blades are tough and can cut through just about anything you throw at them. They also move at 20,000 rotations per minute, faster than most competitors.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the portable blender is the size of the bottle. You’ll enjoy 15oz of liquid from this appliance, which could be a deal-breaker. There are faster, prettier and more flamboyant travel blenders, but this one gets the job done without fuss.

TTLIFE Glass Smoothie Blender

Despite being one of the cheaper models available (albeit not by much – portable blenders tend to stick to a standard price), this is TTLIFE travel blender is an impressive piece of kit.

You’ll be able to use the portable blender twenty times within a single charge. That’s a relief if you forget to power up your gadget before leaving the house. The glass bottle is easily removed for a simple clean, and the blades cope well with fine ingredients such as whey powder.

Available in black or blue, this travel blender also has some admirable safety features. The blades will not rotate if the contents of the blender are unsafe, and the double-lid model offers increased potential from leaks. Overall, this is an impressive little model.

Wrap Up

This brings my insights into portable travel blenders to an end. As you’ll see, I heartily recommend the PopBabies Portable Blender to anybody looking to enjoy smoothies on the move. You may find that another appliance meets your needs better, though. That’s fine – you can’t go wrong with any of the gadgets I have profiled!