Best Compact Juicer 2021 (Top Small Juicer Picks and Reviews)

When it comes to kitchen appliances, bigger does not always equal better. Yes, a large juicer will typically meet plenty of needs. That’s no use if it will not fit on a countertop, though. That’s why I wrote this guide to the best small juicers on the market.

Compact juicers do not necessarily mean you’ll sacrifice quality in performance. There are a range of mini juicers to choose from, and I’ll discuss half a dozen great choices in this very guide. If you need a small juicer for travel – or just a smaller, lighter countertop appliance – read on!

6 Best Mini Juicer Reviews

Compact juicers, by their very nature, will have unavoidable limitations compared to full-sized counterparts. Choose one of these models, however, and you’ll be delighted with the results.

Top Pick – Breville BJE200XL Heavy Duty Compact Juicer

The Breville Juice Fountain is a firm favourite in many kitchens. The BJE200XL is a slightly more compact version of this appliance. Happily, this model is just as impressive as its big brother when it comes to performance.

The three-inch feeding tube means you won’t need to chop your ingredients ludicrously small, and the parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Yes, it’s dishwasher safe. That’s a relief for anybody averse to washing appliances by hand.

There’s only speed to this model, with the blades whirring at 14,000 rotations per minute. This means that, yes, we’re dealing with a high speed centrifugal juicer here. All the same, the nutritional yield is hugely impressive from this model. I consider the results comparable to countless full-sized juicers. Just don’t refrigerate your juice.

The BJE200XL is my overall pick when it comes to compact juicing. I have one in my own kitchen, used for light juicing duties when my other models are otherwise engaged. The warranty is just a year, but the price point reflects this. I recommend the BJE200XL to anybody with limited space and a thirst for quality juice.

Good for:

  • Fast results without sacrificing nutrition.
  • Easy to clean. Parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Light use.
  • Less prep time.

Aicok Masticating Juice Extractor

This Aicok model clearly has a pretty high opinion of itself, labeled the Queen Juicer. Is it truly regal in terms of performance? Well, I have to be honest … it’s not far off

Now, one thing should be established from the off. You’re paying for any quality here – though as with all things, it’s a matter of perspective. This is more expensive than the other compact juicers on my list. It’s also a horizontal masticating juicers though, and for that category, the price point is extremely reasonable.

This juicer crushes ingredients at a rate of 80 rotations per minute. This ensures that the resulting juice, while it takes a little longer to pour, is packed with nutritional goodness. There’s little risk of any mess too, and you can control the pulp output to your taste. Throw in a two-year warranty and you have all the makings of a great juicer.

I’ll be honest, it doesn’t quite qualify as my overall pick. There are other appliances that fit the bill better as compact juicers and slow juicers, when reviewed as independent factors. As an amalgamation of the two, however, give this appliance some serious consideration. It’s a masterful upgrade model.

Good for:

  • Higher performance and yield.
  • Sleek design.
  • Upgrading from compact to regular juicing.

Cuisinart CCJ-500 Centrfugal Juicer

There are small and compact juicers, and there is this model from Cuisinart. Even compared to the other appliances on my list, this is a pint-sized appliance. If kitchen space is truly at a premium, look no further.

This is a different type of juicer to the others that I’m profiling, in that does not fall into any conventional category. It’s neither a slow juicer nor a centrifugal, shredding appliance. It involves feeding ingredients into a rotating cone. You can also choose how much pulp content you’d like in your juice.

This is both a good and a bad thing. As a citrus juicer, this appliance is hard to beat. As anything else, it’s useless. You won’t get any leafy greens or root vegetables out of the CCJ-500.

Really, the worthiness of this juicer depends on your feelings about citrus juice. If you love oranges, lemons and limes, it’s a tiny miracle worker. If you want more variety, look elsewhere.

Good for:

  • Citrus juicing.
  • Very tight spaces.
  • Travellers (very lightweight.)

Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor

Hamilton Beach are not interested in blinding customers with science or empty promises. This juicer is simplicity itself, from its boxy appearance to its performance. Thankfully, in the spirit of keeping life simple, Hamilton Beach have not neglected performance.

This is a cost-effective juicer that does what you need it to, and nothing more. It has a wide feeding tube, which is always welcome, and an 800-watt motor for speedy performance. It’s a pretty loud though, and it can rock while in use. You’ll need to keep a hold on it, ideally while wearing earmuffs.

On the plus side, this is all reflected in the low price. In addition, this model is packaged with a three-year warranty. It’s an American-based family-run company, so it will be comparatively easy to source spare parts when needed. This makes this juicer a great low-maintenance choice for occasional users.

Good for:

  • Long warranty and easily accessible spare parts.
  • Low financial outlay.
  • Simple and basic operation.

Aobosi Masticating Juicer

Picking up a compact masticating juicer can be tricky. Ordinarily, these appliances need a little more bulk and size to work to maximum efficiency. Thankfully, this model from Aobosi avoids common pitfalls.

While this appliance is a little taller than some, it still falls into the category of compact. Thankfully, this model also has heart. It works quietly, rarely exceeding 60 decibels, and packs plenty of nutrition into its juicing process. The results, especially with leafy greens, really impressed me.

This appliance runs pretty slowly at around 40 – 60 rotations per minute. It’s not the model for impatient users that want fast results. Good things come to those who wait, though. This methodical approach keeps bubbles and oxidation to a minimum. You can keep juice made in this appliance in the fridge for a day or two.

This model is at the higher end of the cost spectrum for small juicers, but it’s a fine choice. If you’re looking for a middle ground between a small and traditional juicer, this is potentially the way to go – especially with a three-year warranty.

Good for:

  • High performance from a small appliance.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Slow cold press juicing.

Bagotte Fruits and Veggies Compact Juicer

Never heard of Bagotte? Neither had I, before this juicer found its way to me. I’m quietly impressed by the offering, though. Based on this appliance, Bagotte could be a name to watch in the future.

The first thing you’ll notice upon unboxing this juicer is just how basic it is. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and this simplicity is mirrored in a range of ways. The engine is only 400 watts, which is obviously much weaker than many competitors. On the other hand, it’s also an extremely cost-effective appliance.

Usage could not be simpler. The juicer has two speed settings (12k and 18k rotations per minute), and the latter can cope with tough root vegetables. That was a welcome surprise, as the slow motor also keeps foam and oxidation to a minimum. The warranty also lasts two years.

This is very much a no-frills juicer, but if you’re just looking for some basic nutrition, it’s a cheap and cheerful way to get some fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Good for:

  • First time juicer users.
  • Budget shoppers.
  • Simple operation

Small Juicer FAQs

If you don’t have the time or inclination to read my reviews, here are at-a-glance answers to the two most common questions on this subject. I strongly suggest reading the rest of this article, though!

What is the Best Compact Juicer?

If you want my advice – and I’m guessing that you do, as you’re on my website – I suggest picking up the Breville BJE200XL. This a smaller version of the Juice Fountain, one the finest full-sized juicers on the market. The performance of the BJE200XL doesn’t suffer for its diminutive size, though. It’s comparable to its bulkier counterpart.

What is the Smallest Juicer?

The Cuisinart juicer that I profile above is the shortest of all the appliances I reviewed. If space is particularly tight, this model will buy you a couple of extra inches to play with. Beyond this, the other juicers are all around the same size (apart from the Aobosi, which is slightly taller and thinner.

Wrap Up

That wraps up my journey through the realm of small juicers. Decide for yourself whether your needs will be met by a miniature model. These appliances are fine for most small homes and causal juice consumers, especially the Breville BJE200XL. You can always upgrade to a full-sized juicer at a later date if necessary.