Is Ketchup a Smoothie? (Find Out the Truth!)

This question has confused a lot of people, and some people took it as a silly joke. But what is the truth? We know tomatoes are fruit, and ketchup is made by blending several tomatoes. But that doesn’t make ketchup a smoothie. Why?

Maybe the process to make ketchup is quite similar to making a smoothie (blending the fruit), but there are several factors for not considering it as one. Below, you will get to know the answer to the question ‘is ketchup a smoothie’ with reasons. 

What is the Definition of Smoothie?

As we know, the creamy and thick drink we get by blending raw fruits or vegetables and sometimes also dairy products is called a smoothie. If you go by this definition, then it mentions ‘raw fruits and vegetables’ are blended to make a smoothie. 

But ketchup is not made from blending raw vegetables or fruits, rather it is produced with cooked tomatoes and other ingredients. 

Yes, some people do add cooked potatoes or rice to enjoy the vitamins and nutrients contained in these ingredients or to gain extra calories. So, maybe we can consider ketchup as a smoothie. Let’s see. 

What are the Ingredients of a Tomato Ketchup?

The most common ingredients used for making tomato ketchup are white vinegar, tomato paste, spices, sugar, etc. So, having these ingredients proves that ketchup is not a smoothie? No. We have seen a lot of smoothie recipes that include spices, vinegar, sugar or honey, as ingredients. 

So, this doesn’t prove that ketchup is not a smoothie. Maybe we should look for other characteristics of both ketchup and smoothie and find out their differences, that might help us to find the answer. 

Differences between Smoothie and Ketchup

Some ingredients that are used for making ketchup maybe can also be used in smoothies, but that can’t prove ketchup is a smoothie. We need to check the other characteristics to differentiate between these two. 

Cold and Cooked

Smoothies are considered a refreshment drink during summer, and most people love adding ice to their smoothies to make them cold and more refreshing. On the other hand, ketchup is not a refreshing drink, nor we can add ice to it. 

Ketchup is made by cooking the tomatoes and other ingredients. Ketchup is added just to enhance the flavor of a recipe or is served as a condiment.  

Lasting Period

There are several preservatives added to ketchup. Plus, vinegar also serves as a preservative and helps to make ketchup last longer. You might notice ketchup bottles sitting on the tables of the restaurants for a long time or might have kept an extra ketchup sachet in your bag for later use.

Ketchup has a 2-year shelf life if not opened and can be stored in a fridge or at normal room temperature. It is not the same in the case of smoothies. 

Smoothies don’t come with added preservatives so they last for 2-3days max, that too only if they are kept in a tight container and stored in the fridge. Otherwise, they don’t last for more than 24 hours as the fruits no longer remain fresh. 

Healthy and Not Healthy

The main purpose of having smoothies is to easily intake the several vitamins and nutrients of the fruits and vegetables by blending them. Drinking a smoothie every morning makes you energized and boosts your immune system. 

Ketchup doesn’t come with such healthy properties. Having it too much might be unhealthy for you as it is made with a large amount of vinegar, salt, sugar, spices, and preservatives. 

While making smoothies, we can skip the ingredients that are unhealthy for us, but, we don’t have such an option for ketchup. 

Drink and Condiment

You can drink a whole glass of smoothie in a single sitting, but you cannot drink a glass of Ketchup as it is a condiment. Ketchup is added to complement a dish or to enhance the flavor, but it cannot be considered as a meal.

Ketchup is used in less amount and contains preservatives so that it can be used for a long time. While smoothies should be intaken immediately, or within a few hours.

So, Is Ketchup a Smoothie? 

Looking at the characteristics of both smoothie and ketchup, we have found out that there are so many differences between them. Smoothie has a huge amount of nutrients, while ketchup doesn’t. Ketchup can last for a longer time, but smoothies cannot. These and the above differences prove that ketchup is not a smoothie.

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