Vitamix e310 vs Vitamix e320

If you are in the market for a blender, there are plenty of manufacturers to choose from. For my money, Vitamix are the best of the best. The whole Vitamix range is from the top drawer. This includes the e310 and the e320, which are placed in a lower cost bracket.

Yes, it’s possible to get a Vitamix blender without breaking the bank. Do not get me wrong – there are still cheaper alternatives out there. As the old saying goes, however, you get what you pay for. These blenders, both of which belong to the Explorian range, offer plenty of value for money.

Choosing between the e310 and the e320 is not easy. In many cases, these two blenders are comparable. There are some differences, though. Let’s pit Vitamix e310 vs. Vitamix e320, and take a look at which model is best for you.

Vitamix e310 vs. Vitamix e320 – The Similarities

These two blenders are very much cut from the same cloth. This means that they share a range of features. The following applies to both models of Vitamix blender.

  • Pulsing feature.
  • Variable speeds, changeable though turning a knob.
  • Standing dimensions of 11 x 8 x 18″.
  • Power cord length of 4.5 feet.           
  • Virtually identical façades.

If these are the factors that matter most to you, your needs will be met by either appliance. We’ll need to look further to make a decision as to which is best.

Vitamix e320 vs. Vitamix e310 – The Differences

As the Vitamix e320 is an upgrade on the e310, there are a handful of improvements that have been made. Obviously, this means that the e320 will typically be more expensive.

Is it worth the extra few bucks? That really depends on how strongly you feel about the following…

  • The e310 has a peak power performance of 2 HP. The e320 reaches 2.2.
  • The e310 has a container of 48 oz. The e320 boasts a container of 64 oz.
  • The e310 is available in black, red or gray. The e320 only comes in black.
  • The e320 has a longer warranty – seven years, compared to the e310’s five years.
  • The e320 is a little heavier. In theory, this makes it sturdier while in operation.
  • The blades of the e310 are 3 inches long. The blades of the e320 are 4 inches.

Most of these changes are comparatively menial, though the larger jug size will benefit families and busy households.  In addition, as the e320 is the new model, spare parts will be easier to come by in years to come.

I’m sure that what you’re really interested in is performance, though. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how these two appliances stack up against each other when in use.

Vitamix e310 Product Review

If you’re blending on a budget, the Vitamix e310 will quickly become your best friend. This is a powerful appliance that is backed with versatile features, ensuring that it will serve almost any need in the kitchen.

Capable of creating hot or cold dishes, the e310 is just as great for soups as it is smoothies. You could also use it as a juicer in a pinch, though performance is a little more limited in this context.

Like all Vitamix products, the e310 is strong and sturdy. It also features some welcome safety features, including a thermal cooling system.

Just be aware – with 2 HP of power packed into a comparatively pint-sized frame, this appliance is as loud as it is reliable. The same applies to the e320, so don’t let that sway you either way. Just brace yourself. You won’t want to use this appliance early in the morning or late at night (unless you really dislike your neighbors).

Overall, I would say that single people or couples will find the e310 perfectly suitable for their needs. If you’re running a business, or planning to make larger batches of blended produce, you may eventually run into trouble. For light to moderate use, however, this remains a great blender.

Vitamix e320 Product Review

Everything I mentioned about the e310 applies to the e320 too. There are a handful of additional boosts, though. This upgrade does not reinvent the wheel, but it changes just enough to remain worthwhile.